Your tune is my Ohrwurm, it stays there day after day.
It hangs around inside my head and makes me think about what you say.
It taunts my recognition of how tiny that I am,
stuck here in my bubble with all this ‘stuff’ I cram
into my mind, in my little space, insignificant in comparison
to all the life, to all the world; a natural form of SPAM.
We clutter up this orb of ours with crap bought from a shop.
We kill the things that matter by thinking we’re on top.
Bombing our universe with our destructive minds,
ignoring what’s important,
and how we’re drowning our future selves
to keep our credit rating soaring.

Thank you for taking all that time to deliver the Ohrwurm to my mind.
I appreciate, although you will never know, the message that you packaged to go
inside a little bit of time and space, long enough for the human race
to make a change to their ickle lives that will enable us to survive.



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