Fraudulent Education

PE lesson consisting of sitting in a classroom doing coursework. Students exercising their opposable thumbs on their GCSE work-out schedules. Teacher says to student ‘have you put a graph in it?’ Student says ‘a graph of what?’ Teacher: ‘it doesn’t matter. Just put a graph in to make it look better’. So student goes away and does a graph detailing the percentage of time wasted measured against actual time, or something equally irrelevant, and hands it in. Assessor receives the student’s paper and flicks through it, noting there was some form of graph in there, it’s aesthetically pleasing, so it must be good, so there’s a pass.

The ICT teacher happily teaches the future generation how to do desktop publishing in software designed to make board room presentations, and teach web design using language five years out of date which W3C would throw out in a nanosecond. But the assessor sees the end result and thinks it looks good, has nice colours; another pass.

These are true eye witness accounts. Only two of many. Times this by 30 kids per class, times by 50 classes per day, times by 5 days a week, times by 40 school weeks, times by 4,000 schools in the UK, equals a next generation of ignorant, unaware, uninformed, self-seeking, frauds, guided by expediency rather than principal, desirability rather than scrupulousness.

The lesson learned is that it doesn’t matter what the content of your work is, whether your processes of deduction are flawed, whether your information is accurate, whether you are able to stand up to scrutiny, but only that it looks right and you put this bit in like metaphorical sugarcraft then you’ll be able to fool everyone into thinking you know what you’re talking about.

We are teaching our children to be fraudulent. Attainment of the end product is the goal, not the attainment of knowledge, intellectual processes, tools to ensure accuracy and the basic framework that gives everything you do in your future life integrity. Fagan would be proud. Enronion lessons are engulfing our education system. The basic level of understanding is missed out in favour of the education of decoration; how to make something look good even when it’s full of out of date, stale, mouldy content inside.

The Government says we should teach our kids how to budget, what a mortgage is, what the economy is, life skills, which is brilliant! So why aren’t we doing this for the basics of integrity, not only so our future generation can have confidence in themselves but also confidence in the information they’re presented with in its mountainous, unsubstantiated form every day of the year via internet/TV/billboard/radio advertisements for lifestyle products, medical, financial, governmental information.

Why don’t we teach statistics in schools? How I would love to know how to decipher the ‘scientific evidence’ that the ‘good bacteria’ makers deem proves their worth, or break down the homeopathic super-companies’ ‘research data’ that ‘proves the benefits of homeopathy’ so I can justify myself when I say you’re talking bollocks!!

How can I not use PowerPoint when I don’t know the basics of real desktop publishing software? How can I make my graph meaningful when I don’t know what a meaningful graph is? Future questions to be asked by the university student who is now presented with a requirement to not crack under scrutiny. The answer? You can’t, so you may as well become a nutritionist or herbal doctor, vitamin sales consultant, chiropractor, a Daily Mail journalist, or even a homeopathic practitioner and go and work in the London Homeopathic Hospital, just one of the many new Government funded institutions that loves people who are trained in cover ups, selective information, and fraudulent education. Either that, or become a lawyer and learn how to sue people like me for slander on behalf of the people above who, like you, learned how to manipulate everything to their, usually financial, and humanly detrimental, advantage.

Where is the education of thinking? Is it being overpowered by the education of conformity and nonchalance? We want equality in education, so surely we need the basis of education to be quality in educational integrity so our future generations can equally assess the qualification of the world and its opportunities without being held back by ignorance and fall prey to the opportunistic tendencies of others.

Note: if you’re a nutritionist, herbal doctor, vitamin sales consultant, homeopathic practitioner, chiropractor, or Daily Mail journalist, this is my opinion and I am allowed it!!


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