Olympic Consumerist Hell Hole Unveiled

“Everything under one roof”, says the Retail Expert, hyperbolising his expertness over the new (another) shopping centre in London, pretending to be part of the Olympics. I feel sorry for him. If he considers “everything” to be only the repetitive crap you may find in every vacuous life sucking distraction centre across the country, the world, then what a boring life he must lead. Then again, he has made a living out of his inane tediosity. Success takes many forms.

I’d love to see a shopping centre full of independent shops, with rent by the day stalls, where truly unique and interesting wares can be perused, where the independent craftsperson is given space to ply their talent. Now THAT’s closer to “everything” under one roof!

Original News 24 report here… (this blog won’t let me hyperlink for some reason) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14893405


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