The red glow of the clock’s numbers said…


Her senses prickled.


The logic in her brain rattled around trying to find itself.
Reason struggled with the unyielding wrong, turning it, folding it, tearing it. Unmovable.
Wake up.
Wake up!
But she was awake.
It blinked.


The nerves reached through her body, but could get no response. They crawled amongst her dead skin, nipping at the edges, chewing at her bones. She willed them on.
Find me.
Still she stayed, her ribs cutting into the mattress with every struggled breath.


Her head strained against the pillow to unface the impossible numbers. She needed to untwist, but the force of the nothing won. Frigid and fixed. Bound by the unseen in this stranger of a body. Silently concealed.


She was numb, and felt the pain of it. Terrified helplessness filled her eyes. The weight now pressing, letting her know it was there. Breathing over her unfeeling body. Rancid with death.


The impossible numbers gave the impossible time. A time of endings. A beginning of fear. The weight gripped. Delighted in her moment of blindness. Clawing at her overturned carcass. Smiling as she saw for the last time.





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