I Hurt



So, this is a thing. I want us to make a crowd sourced visual word orgy. This one is about how we all hurt. Cos we all do, but we are conditioned to not share these things, thus fuelling this paranoia of dishonesty between us. I want your face to join mine and many others in breaking this glass box by filming yourself saying some words. Ready for instruction? Here you go…

I want you to say ‘I hurt’ and then pause (for editing purposes), then pick one or two or three or all of the ‘because’ lines below and say that/them separately. There MUST be a pause between the I hurt and the because bit. If you can record the same thing a couple of times that would be good just so I have multiple inflections of the same words.

If you have your own ‘because’ reason for hurting then record that too, as above. You can say what you like. This is about honesty. This is about ways we feel the same. We have more in common than we ever tell each other. Be honest.

You can just do a voice recording if you feel more comfortable, but I would prefer a video of you saying the words. You will need to record it in a quiet area, with minimal background noise. Somewhere that’s not echoey. A sitting room is good. Somewhere where there’s lots of soft furnishings to absorb the echoes, giving as flat a sound as possible.

Then also take a picture or three of yourself, with any expression you like, and with any background you like, but at least one picture of you front facing with no expression.

Email everything to chimpwotthinks@gmail.com (one/two vids per email please. Don’t want to break the nets like). Or you can DM me it via Instagram or Facebook. Tell me what name you’d like on the credits, and any social media tags you want.


Here’s an example…

Here’s them words…

I hurt

Because of life,
Because of love,
Because of you,
Because of them,
Because of her,
Because of me,
Because of him,
Because of hate,



Well, I’m gonna make you into some art! (NACF). I’m gonna post you all over my onlineness. I’m gonna tag the fuck out of you, and then we’ll all have a virtual group hug (and maybe some cake).

Feel free to post your recordings anywhere you like, whenever you like. I don’t own your mouth! Tags I’ll be using are #ihurt #thinkingchimp #helenrhodeswriter, and if you could too then you will receive a rainbow of unsexual love.


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