Hey! Thanks for dropping by. You are now a member of a new race, The Thinking Chimps, and together we will take over the world! Soon. Maybe. Anyway, you’re here to read about me, Helen Rhodes, writer of words, stranger, and professional weirdo. There’s some stuff on here you can read for free – yay! There’s some stuff on here you can’t read yet – boooo! There’s also some stuff on here you can’t listen to yet – double booooo! However, this is in the process of being rectificated (I also make up words. Deal with it.) as a consequence of me asking What the Hell am I Doing? – double yay!

Me? Well, I’ve been described as many things, but let’s stick to writing specifically, eh? Dark, surreal, strange, insightful, edgy, with a squeeze of sarcasm and a large squirt of humour. I write about human beings, the odd and the oooh. I write about life, real and unreal. I write about death, experientially and theoretically. Sometimes things rhyme, even when they’re not meant to at the time.

Meanwhile, what have I been doing with my life up to now? The answer is…unsure. But here’s a few things of significance according to me…

Co-writer of The Pint Files. A literary indulgence between two writers inspired by Hagswobbling and Strangebow. Originally an episodic adventure on Facebook, I’ve now put it here… http://thepintfiles.wordpress.com/ for ease of reading. But if you have a total, like, Facebook fetish then you can read AND LIKE (!) (*pretty please, smiling sweetly face*) it here… https://www.facebook.com/ThePintFiles

Script adaptation of Rivers of London novel, by Ben Aaronovitch, and director of the recording of said adaptation with Yew Tree Youth Theatre, currently in post-production. Watch this space! (or somewhere around it).

Contributing writer for Jack Frost’s Library as part of the ‘1000 Snowflakes’ installation in Ossett Town Centre. You can read the story here… https://thethinkingchimp.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/1000-snowflakes/

Founder of Made in Wakefield: An online hub for creative activity to showcase, inspire, and celebrate all things made in the Wakefield District by non-professional and professional creators, just because we can! After all, we are all equal in being able to create, what more do we need?! You can read more about what Made in Wakefield is for here… https://thethinkingchimp.wordpress.com/category/made-in-wakefield/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/madeinwakefield/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/MadeinWakefield

Author of The Naked Sheep of Ossett Town, a myth which inspired the ‘Flock to Ossett’ event, and was adapted and performed by Yew Tree Youth Theatre and storyteller Susanna Mease. You can read the myth in full here… https://thethinkingchimp.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/the-naked-sheep-of-ossett-town/. This story was also published in Homespun Theatre’s ‘Homespun Threads’, an ebook of short stories to fundraise for their 2013 tour, which you can purchase here… http://homespuntheatre.tumblr.com/post/37781667244/want-to-read-our-book

Amongst other things, I’ve edited books, written and produced music related podcasts, organised many musical jamborees, participated in the art of wool wrangling and making marks on paper (https://thethinkingchimp.wordpress.com/category/art-n-stuff/), had a breakdown, psychologised the Hellenishness out of myself, and bought, Ronsealed, and constructed (with just a bit of help) a shed in which I do most of my writing, in between ranting at squirrels.

That’s about me, mostly. Thanks for coming, and please stay. I like the company.



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