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Boris the Badger framed and signed print

Part two of my offerings to the Creative Swap Shop at Flock to Ossett. I wonder who got it?!



Crochet flowers patch

This was a very last minute birthday present for The Mother Chimp. She loves flowers, but I wanted to give her some that would last. I was going for a kind of Shabby Chic look. The crocheted daffodils and primroses are sewn onto a patch which can be hung on the wall or used as the front panel for a cushion cover.


I’m going to do another one of these but using embroidery silk rather than wool, and give myself more than three days to make it!














Multicoloured Bamboo Wool Cushion

This cushion is made from 100% bamboo wool which is a natural fibre and is known to be antibacterial and biodegradable. It is also reaaallly soft. You can read more about bamboo wool here



The embroidered edge gives this cool wiggly effect.


The pad inside is covered in a black satin material so the colours really stand out.

The cover is removable. However, due to the nature of bamboo wool care must be taken when washing (see above link).





Boris the Badger and His Big Bulbous Bum

Boris was a badger
Beautiful to some
But he had an awful problem
With his big bulbous bum

It wibbled and it wobbled
It swayed like a plum
And everywhere that Boris went
His bulbous bum would come

One eve after sunset
Boris found a mighty scrum
He gobbled and he quaffed
Until it all was gone

Boris heaved his belly
Back to his rooted slum
He found there was a problem
And nothing could be done

He squeezed and pulled
He waggled his fuzzy tum
But it was no good, he understood
It was Boris’s big bulbous bum

Through the night Boris sat
Half in, half out, half numb
Till whence breaking day
Relieved the strain
From Boris’s smaller bulbous bum